Dina was born in St. Petersburg, Russia where at the age of 12 she has started her journey on stage as an actress in the Youth Theater of Petersburg. A few years later in 1990, she moved with her family to Israel where she continued her post-secondary education in the school of acting and there she discovered her passion for music as a vocalist. By the end of her last year at Sofi Moscovich School of Acting in Tel Aviv she was invited to join “Malenki” Theater directed by Igor Berezin and performed on stage with this troupe in various shows as an actor and a singer for over five years. In 2007 Dina visited Canada where she met her future husband, artist Alexey Reznik and stayed with him in Canada since then. Together they started their musical journey as a duet while Dina was also involved in Toronto theatre life with NSK Theatre and Clay and Paper Theatre. Sound became her very deep interest and she went to Trebas Institute in Toronto to study Sound Engineering and Production. After successfully accomplishing her studies she has started implementing her knowledge as a Folley Artist, Production Assistant and Audio Visual Operator. In 2017, five friends came together and the Maayan Band was born. Dina is the Ma’ayan band’s lead vocalist. What unites all the band members  is the desire to share the harmony that touches the eternal. Ma’ayan’s performances are all about interacting with the people who come to spend time with them because the beauty of truth is only revealed in the connection of friends. Ma’ayan Band has been performing on stages across GTA and has a very strong presence in social media.
Dima was born in Minsk, Belarus in 1973. He started his musical career in musical school where he studied for 7 years piano, violin and drums. He continued his education in Music College of Minsk in 1986 where he studied at jazz faculty on drums, composition and piano. After 4 years, in 1990, he moved with his family to Israel, where he started to study at Jerusalem Music Academy, concentrating on jazz drums, composition, music arrangement and piano and graduated in 1995 with a B. A. degree in performing arts. From 1995-1997 he went to work on several music record projects in Moscow. He returned back to Israel in 1997 and worked as a house engineer and in-house producer in one of the major recording studios in the country - "Studio One", where he recorded and produced over 80 albums for local and international artists. In 2003 he moved to Canada along with his family. To the present Dima works in his studio in Toronto as a producer /engineer/ arranger and film and TV composer. During his Canadian experience, he recorded and produced albums for over 70 Canadian artists including Tonia Cianciulli, Susan Cogan, Roman Smirnov, Fred Engler, Manish Raghunath, Viva trio, and NARIA among others. In 2017 he became co-founder of the Maayan band along with 4 of his friends. In the band he is playing keys and percussion, sings, arranges and records. Dima along with the rest of the Band's members are working on expanding its repertoire on a regular basis.
Alexey was born in Ukraine. He studied art and graphic design and started his career as a visual artist. He immigrated to Israel on his own when he was 20 following his Jewish roots and beliefs. As a child, he studied violin and classical guitar but found his true passion discovering Middle Eastern music and the oud, the “king of all string instruments”, in particular. He moved to Canada, settling in Toronto, finding very rich musical scene here, attending world and classical music performances regularly, jamming with many known folk and world musicians, taking oud lessons from local masters such as Demetrios Petsalakis of Kune, and Ventanas, playing on open mics all over the city venues, and becoming one of the forming members of Maayan Band. With the Maayan band, he took upon himself the role of arranger, composer, and string musician, conceptualizing and initiating Band development and growth.
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